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The following are the officers for the school year:

President: Tiffany Glynn

Vice President: Jen Engle


Secretary: Nicole VanNorden


We want to make PTA accessible to you no matter what your schedule is. PTA works on a variety of things to enrich our kid's education-for example, making sure teachers have extra supplies to make learning exciting, giving kid's books at RIF, family activities.

If you'd like to participate in any PTA activities but can't make meetings, please let Tiffany Glynn know. If you would like to receive PTA updates even if you're not sure if you can help with activities, please let Tiffany know. You can participate in just one activity or as many as you would like.

We are looking for parents to help with popcorn Fridays. If anyone can do one Friday per month or even just occasionally, please let us know.

On-going PTA events:

  • Popcorn

    • Throughout the school year, the scent of popcorn fills the air! Popcorn bags are 25 cents each. Parent volunteers are welcome to arrive at school on Friday mornings and stay until about 10:30am to sell popcorn for the PTA.

    • Popcorn Form to pay ahead for popcorn

  • Boxtops for Education

  • RIF

    • RIF is a program allowing students to choose a book they would like to keep at no cost to them. The PTA purchases the books and distributes them to the WES students three times per school year. The books are displayed in the gym and the students arrive class by class to choose one to take home.

It is wonderful watching the students choose their own books. They are so excited! The moment they arrive they are asking for a particular book or series. What fun they have sorting through the choices until they find the perfect book!

For more information regarding the RIF program, please visit their web site at: