Parking Lot Safety

January 18, 2011


We have identified some problems with traffic in the front parking lot at dismissal time and we need your help to fix them. For example, some parents/guardians are parking in the front row in the spaces closest to the front of the building. Consequently, they are driving into the bus lane to park in those spaces and then backing up into the bus lane when they leave. This creates an unsafe situation and bus drivers are justifiably concerned. The only person(s) who should park in that front row are staff or visitors with a handicapped sticker on their vehicles. All other visitors should stay out of the bus lane and park in the rows designated for private vehicles.

Secondly, we have noticed that some folks are not using the crosswalk to cross the parking lot. It is very important that you use the crosswalk and cross the lot in front of the buses just as we do in the mornings. Please do not cross behind or between buses where drivers have very limited visibility.

Lastly, please do not allow children to dart into or across the parking lot without adult supervision. The children are sometimes very distracted and may need reminders to check for traffic before crossing.

Our goal is to make sure that no one gets hurts in the parking lot. Thank you so much for helping us to keep your children safe!


Kathleen Clark, Principal